Candidates address key concerns in Bji-Katso-Uesu

Tshering Dorji of BTP highlighted on issues such as low household income, human-wildlife conflict, inadequate connectivity, a lack of markets for agricultural produce, and the need for economic diversification.

On why people should vote for him, he stated that just as a new broom is needed to sweep away old dust, he believes people are now well aware that addressing these challenges requires a fresh perspective and the support of a new political party.

Lhendup Wangdi of PDP addressed the issue of human-wildlife conflicts and proposed vital measures such as road blacktopping and the implementation of chain-link fencing to mitigate these conflicts.

On why voters should choose him, he emphasised on his commitment to honesty and understanding the needs of the constituents. He pointed out that he firmly adheres to the principle of never making false promises and is dedicated to accurately recognizing and addressing the needs and aspirations of the people he serves. He highlighted his reputation as a sensible and proactive performer, emphasising his simplicity and ability to connect with everyone. He expressed a personal commitment to helping those in need whenever possible.

Furthermore, his confidence stems from PDP’s dynamic party president, a competent team and their strong track record in Haa.

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