Candidates address key issues and pledge progress in Dagana

As the General Election Poll Day approaches near, candidates from different constituencies in Dagana are passionately addressing the concerns that resonate with the people of their respective constituencies. Apart from the different issues shared by the candidates, they also shared on why the people should vote for each of the candidates, with their own stance.

Chandra Bdr. Gurung, a PDP candidate representing the Lhamoizingkha–Tashiding constituency in Dagana, highlighted the critical issue of connectivity in his area, emphasizing road connectivity as the primary concern. When questioned about why people should vote for him, He stressed the importance of considering, not just his personal qualities, but also evaluating the PDP’s track record in its previous tenures. He expressed confidence in the hardworking and dedicated leadership of the party president, emphasizing his own commitment to action and delivering on promises.

He outlined specific initiatives, including the pledges on widening of the Sunkosh to Dagana road, the construction of the Gelephu/Sarpang-Lhamoizingkha highway to enhance inter-dzongkhag connectivity, as well as the blacktopping of all gewog center and chiwog roads. He also shared about the party pledge to improve current farm roads. Drawing on his 18-year experience at the Royal Audit Authority, He asserted that his extensive knowledge of the country’s every corner positions him well to address the constituency’s needs.

Additionally, he highlighted his private sector experience from 2018-2022, asserting that it has enriched his understanding of the private industry and his ability to work effectively in that sector. He emphasized his comprehensive understanding of governance, broad perception across diverse fields, and a fair understanding of various sectors. Summing up his approach, Chandra Bdr. stated, “I am a straightforward person, and I am committed to fulfilling what I promise.”

Sonam Dorji, a candidate from the Drujegang_Tseza constituency in Dagana representing PDP, addressed the significant challenges facing the region, notably the lack of a thriving market and a struggling economy. He acknowledged additional concerns such as connectivity issues, the need for school upgrades, and the promotion of tourism. He emphasized the economic downturn, pointing out a lack of transactions due to an imbalance with more buyers than sellers in the market.

In explaining why voters should choose him, he expressed gratitude for the support received during the primary election. He highlighted his previous service as a National Council member for two consecutive terms (2008-2010), emphasizing on his extensive 10 years of experience in various capacities, including reviewing laws and policies and ensuring checks and balances. He attributed his confidence to the support of the people in Dagana during the primary elections.

To address the economic challenges, he outlined PDP’s commitment to initiating key projects, specifically the Sunkosh Mega Hydropower Project and Dagachu Hydropower Project. These projects, he believes, hold the potential to revitalize the economy and contribute to infrastructure development in the region.

Nima Tshering, a candidate from the BTP representing the Drujegang-Tseza constituency in Dagana, discussed the prominent issues in the region. He highlighted that while there are minimal social issues, the primary concerns revolve around water scarcity, road conditions, limited market access, and certain chiwogs situated in extremely remote areas lacking essential public services.

When asked why people should vote for him, he underscored the significance of his personal track record, emphasizing his positive contributions while serving as a forest ranger officer in Dagana. He also pointed to the BTP manifesto, which outlines the party’s commitment to serving the people and addressing their issues. He pledged to visit each chiwog twice a year to better understand and address the specific challenges faced by the residents in these remote areas. His appeal for votes is grounded in a combination of his individual contributions and the BTP’s broader commitment to community service and issue resolution.

Prakash Sharma, a candidate from the BTP representing the Lhamoi Dzingkha–Tashiding constituency in Dagana, addressed the critical issues affecting different gewogs in his constituency. He highlighted concerns such as the necessity for BHU in Gesarling, a shortage of drinking water in Tsendagang, and the imperative for upgrading middle schools to higher secondary levels with hostel facilities, both in Tsendagang and Tashiding. he also emphasized the need for a motorable bridge in Nichula and underscored the area’s potential for solar energy generation.

When asked why people should vote for him, he conveyed that those seeking positive change and improvements, including a more relaxed regulatory environment and an enhanced working atmosphere, should support him and the BTP. He stressed the urgency of addressing various unresolved issues and the importance of revisiting certain rules and regulations that currently hinder the growth of different sectors. His confidence is rooted in the promise of transformative change and a commitment to overcoming obstacles hindering the progress of the community and its diverse sectors.

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