Candidates for post of Gelephu  Thrompon promise  better infrastructure and prosperity

The three Thrompon candidates in Gelephu are wooing voters by promising major renovation and developmental works in Gelephu. The three aspiring candidates faced the common forum to inform the voters of their intention in contesting for the post of Thrompon, which was followed by their pledges on January 13.

They also mentioned on some of the developmental activities left undone by the incumbent Thrompon, which they promised to complete if elected.

One of the aspiring candidates is Tshering Norbu from Trashiling constituency. He has BA in Computer Science from Sherubtse College. During the common forum, he pledged to construct better foot paths connecting the town to Sethikhari. His pledge also aims to improve urban development works, such as bringing good drinking water supply to the residents in Gelephu. He also pledged to boost local agriculture production and also encourage people to grow their own vegetables.

Tshering Norbu also talked about the renovation of old infrastructure in Gelephu. He also pledged to take care of problems in health, housing, and education. He said he would also work towards constructing quality drainage system in Gelephu.

He promised the voters that that the roads would be black topped and build retaining walls to protect the residents from floods which occur during the monsoon season each year.

“I will visit constituencies regularly if I ever get elected,” Tshering Norbu said.

The other hopeful Thrompon candidate, Tika Ram Kaffley, with claims of knowing the conditions in the municipal area after working in the municipal office for more than 15 years, also pledged to build more infrastructures for the welfare of the people. He stressed about building flood retaining walls for the safety of the people.

During the common forum, Tika Ram Kaffley said he would address the drinking water shortage Gelephu. He promised to bring sufficient drinking water in Gelephu if elected. He also pledged to turn Gelephu into a recreational place to attract tourists so that the local people can earn better income.

The final Thrompon candidate, Harka B Gurung, said that he would prioritize developmental activities based on people’s needs. He told voters that he would develop the vegetable market and help enhance the agriculture ministry’s initiatives to enhance the local agricultural production to meet the domestic demand, and reach the goal of national self-reliance.

Once the international airport is operational in Gelephu, he pledged to provide full support in promoting and enhancing the business opportunities, turning Gelephu into a commercial hub.

Further, Harka B Gurung pledged to resolve major challenges faced by the rural communities, like poor road infrastructure and bridges, improve water supply, transport and communication, agriculture, health and schools.

The poll day for the election of Gelephu Thrompon has been set on January 25.

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