Candidates from Nanglam constituency questioned each other on failures

The public debate for the up-coming Nanglam constituency bye-election have left the two candidates Karma Dorji representing Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and Rinchen Pelzang representing Druk Phuentshum Tshogpa (DPT)  questioning each other on their failures.

Though both the candidates have once again made their pledges, they have questioned each other on the doable pledges, budget issues and the pledges that are still yet to be fulfilled.

Rinchen Pelzang pledged to make Nanglam a business center, continue the constructions of highways connecting Nanglam, construct farm roads, construct dry-port and construct a helipad in Yangbari.

Karma Dorji has pledged to construct hospital, resolve the water crises, blacktop farm roads and provide opportunity in tourism sector.  

Meanwhile, DNT candidate Karma Dorji questioned Rinchen Pelzang on why DPT has failed to execute their Nanglam to Deothang road construction work as pledged during their term as the Opposition party.

In response, Rinchen Pelzang said, “It is not that we did not have the budget to execute the work during our second term. We have done all the survey works in the last two financial year, however, work couldn’t be executed due to various issues along the border, and there was no potential contractors who can take over the work.”

He said, “It is a must to resolve the issues faced by the people, be it the ruling party or the Opposition party. My pledges are the projects from the 12th FYP while some are the continuation work that has been started by the first government (DPT).”

Given the opportunity, Rinchen Pelzang said that he would work towards Nanglam town development.

Upon questioning Karma Dorji on possibility of fulfilling all his pledges in two years term,  Karma responded that whatever he has pledged is to benefit people and the constituency. Everything was done after consulting the party and they are doable, he said

He said the pandemic has impacted everyone including the farmers. Rinchen Pelzang said that to tackle the situation one has to be prepared to find different means to ensure proper irrigation channel, cultivation of fast grown vegetables, distribution of seeds and encouraging greenhouse cultivation.

He has highlighted a few of the pledges that the DNT has failed to fulfill until now.

Karma Dorji said, “The ruling party has the potential to execute as pledged, and all the pledges made are for the benefit of the people and it’s for development. We have enough budget for that. However, as pointed out by my opponent, there are a few pledges which are yet to be fulfilled. This is because those pledges have to be changed with the situation.”

He said that he has been into politics since 2013, which is why he is better at knowing the issues faced by the people in his constituency.

It is not true to say that there is no budget to execute the pledges, he said, adding that they rather have enough allocated budget. DNT has to put some projects on halt due to the pandemic. However, there are opportunities to resume once the COVID_19 situation gets better in the country.

“I see the potential in providing youths an employment opportunity through farming, giving them the required machineries and other necessities. Since my pledge is to turn Nanglam into a business centers and a tourism spot, this gives a space to better business opportunities,” he added.

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