Candidates in Sarpang talk water, floods, HW conflict, Gelephu City and bridges

Candidates from both constituencies in Sarpang are actively engaging with the public, shedding light on critical issues and presenting their visions for a better future. Candidates contesting for election have not only outlined issues in their constituencies, but have also articulated compelling reasons why voters should choose them.

Karma Rinchen, a BTP candidate running for the Gelephu constituency, discussed the challenges of insufficient access to clean drinking water and irrigation. He highlighted the seasonal threats of floods and erosion, particularly affecting vulnerable areas and posing a significant risk to the local population. He also emphasized the prevalent issue of human-wildlife conflict.

Expressing his commitment to public service, he stated, “I have stepped forward to serve my people, and my dedication is unwavering.” Karma Rinchen highlighted his hands-on experience working at the grassroots level and expressed confidence in making a meaningful impact as an honest individual. He asserted his stance against deceit and corruption, emphasizing his dedication to upholding integrity while serving the community.

Harka Singh Tamang, a PDP candidate running for the Gelephu constituency, addressed key concerns such as human-wildlife conflict, the need for access to clean drinking water and irrigation, and highlighted challenges in road connectivity, particularly during the summer with frequent disruptions due to flash floods and landslides.

When asked why voters should support him, Harka Singh Tamang suggested that people should assess the PDP’s past performance during its tenure. He urged the public to review the party’s manifesto pledges and cast their votes based on the commitments outlined therein.

Lachuman Ghalley, a BTP candidate from the Shompangkha constituency, addressed several pressing issues in the area. He highlighted a lack of awareness among the local population regarding the policies and laws of a new project in Gelephu. Additionally, he discussed infrastructure challenges, specifically the absence of culverts and bridges on farm roads, that suffer damage during the summer, exacerbating road maintenance issues. He also touched upon the growing population affecting access to drinking water, and expressed concerns about declining business in town areas, coupled with discontent over tax payments.

Responding to the question of why people should vote for him, Lachuman Ghalley emphasized the positive ideologies of his relatively new party. He stressed their commitment to grassroots development and outlined their focus on promoting economic growth based on the region’s potential to enhance household income. He encouraged voters to support him and the BTP if they wished for a more conducive working environment, and improved farming and agriculture. He commended the overall relevance, measurability, and practicality of the party’s manifesto.

Lachuman Ghalley identified himself as a social worker and teacher with a deep understanding of issues at the grassroots level. With over 8 years of service in his constituency, he asserted that he has earned the trust of the people, expressing gratitude for their ongoing support.

Dr T.B. Rai, a PDP candidate from the Shompangkha constituency in Sarpang, highlighted various challenges in his area, including issues with road connectivity, road maintenance, lack of bridges and culverts in seasonal streams, and difficulties in accessing clean drinking water and irrigation due to sources drying up and seasonal flash floods. He also mentioned frequent disruptions in the network.

In terms of why voters should choose him, Dr T.B. Rai emphasized the PDP’s extensive experience of over 15 years as a party. He praised the leadership under which he serves, citing a dedicated leader who has served as both Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. Despite being out of power in 2018, he commended the president’s efforts in building foreign relations that could attract FDIs. He expressed motivation to serve under a dynamic and visionary party president.

He underscored the practicality and achievability of their party’s manifestos, tailored to address grassroots-level issues. Dr T.B. Rai shared his commitment to the country, with 41 years and 9 months of service, including over four decades in the defense force. As a native of the area, he revealed that the local community encouraged him to enter politics to bring about practical and positive changes. Transitioning from a lengthy military career, he expressed his desire to now serve his people and the country as a whole.

As the election poll day nears, the candidates have shared the issues and their potential solutions as mentioned and reflected in their pledges. The responsibility to select the candidate who deserves from each constituency lies in the hands of the voters.

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