Cardamom price falling continuously

Cardamom prices have been falling continuously in Dagapela, Dagana, due to low demand. According to farmers, the prices are half of what they received earlier.

“It started falling from the beginning of the harvest season and at present it is around Nu 700 a kg,” a cardamom farmer in Dagapela, said. “Prices have come down after demand plunged”.

A local farmer said they did not receive good prices last year as well. “Though the price was good at the beginning of the season, it started to fall as the season progressed,” farmers Bola said.   “In the past, the price of cardamom was Nu.1500. Many farmers have last year production in stock.”

Another farmer from Dagapela, Tshering, said with more farmers taking up cardamom in recent years competition had also affected pricing..

Cardamom is one of the main exportable agricultural products of the region. More than 70 percent of the local production is exported to India

The cardamom export has also fallen due to the demonetization policy in India, which came into effect in November last year.

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