CARE 2013 Open Badminton tournament begins

Sonam Wangmo saves the set
Sonam Wangmo saves the set

In the Collection of Adaptable and Reaching Events (CARE) 2013 open Badminton Tournament which started yesterday the first match was played between Hari Gurung and Tenzing Jamtsho.

Hari, a student from Sikkim University won both the sets and defeated Tenzing, who is a member of the Bhutan Olympic committee (BOC).

There are four categories in the tournament, men’s singles, mixed doubles, and women’s singles. Twelve matches were played yesterday in hall A and hall B simultaneously.

After the men’s single, the mixed doubles was played in hall A. Considering the space of the hall, quite a few students were present to cheer their friends along other people who were waiting for their match to start.

The mixed doubles were played between Tsagay and Sonam Wangmo Vs Sonam Yangchen and Gagan.

The game picked up intensity after the first set which went in favor of Tsagay and partner. Gagan and partner the second set.

Gagan tried his best covering both the backcourt and frontcourt but missed quite a lot of shuttle. It was an amazing game point shot when the shuttle went from one court to the other and Gagan missed it when Tsagay gave a beautiful smash.

Unfortunately after a lot of last minute steam, it was not his luck so the third set went to Tsagay and they won the match.

The main objective of the tournament organized by Woezer Events is to bring potential customers and potential companies to one area. There are a total of 15 events which will take place from January to December 2013.

The match will end on 8 January and the winners will get a refrigerator and the runners up will go home with a television set.

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