Case of minor being raped by an acquaintance in court

The 17-year-old minor who was raped by a 23-year-old man in the evening of March 11 at around 9 pm in Haa has reached the Haa Dzongkhag Court on April 3 after the completion of investigation by the police.

The suspect was slapped with the offence of raping a child above 12 years.

Police said the suspect had initially refused to confess the crime, but the medical report proved otherwise. Based on the medical report, he was slapped with the offence of rape.

On that unfortunate night, the suspect had visited the bar owned by the elder sister of the victim for some drinks. The suspect was a daily customer at the bar and was known to each other.

The victim was outside the bar to wash the dishes and the suspect had also followed her there. The suspect had grabbed the victim by her left hand and dragged her at the back of the house, where he pushed her against the wall and started to sexually abuse her.

On hearing some sound from the back of the house, the elder sister of the victim rushed to check out what the sound was and found her younger sister leaning on the wall and the suspect leaning on her. The elder sister had immediately called the police for help.

The victim was found in a traumatized state, unable to give her statement to police. She was then taken to Bali BHU for the medical examination. On examining the victim, the medical report confirmed there was penetration and it ruled that the victim was raped.

Based on the medical report, the accused was arrested while he denied the allegation of raping her.

The officer in-charge of Haa police station said that their investigation revealed that the suspect had been forcefully raped.

The suspect was in the drunkard state when the incident took place.

The suspect is a staff working for a private firm in Haa and is from Dagana while the victim is a class IV student studying in one of the schools in Haa.

The victim is staying with her eldest sister who is settled in Haa. This is the first rape case of the year reported in Haa.

Chencho Dema 

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