CEC tells DMNT to either lean on political party or be a CSO

Members of DMNT

After making headlines and being a much talked-about name and issue among election affiliates, the response to the Druk Meser Nazhoen Tshogpa (DMNT) has been lukewarm from the democratic circles and society.

The Chief Election Commissioner suggested the newly formed youth organization DMNT either to ‘lean on supports of a registered political party or be a Civil Society Organization (CSO)’.

“Lobby groups of social cause can operate as CSO. If political it should be authorized by supporters of a registered political party,” said Chief Election Commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi in an exclusive interview with this paper.

Asked if DMNT will dissolve, head of the youth organization Lobzang Dorji said that they can’t let down a ‘good cause’. Elaborating on that he said the party is formed with noble intentions to make their ‘feeble voices heard’.

“We are really concerned about the nation and its youth,” Lobzang Dorji said.

He said DMNT members are not sleeved up to challenge any of the nation’s laws or jeopardize sovereignty of the country. “We are just exercising our concerns and responsibilities as productive youth of the country,” said Lobzang Dorji.

The youth leader appealed to all the stakeholders that the DMNT formation is on noble grounds and requested a helping hand.

One of the members of DMNT said “We can’t be a CSO nor can we join a party or form a party. If we become CSO we can’t lobby and if we join a political party, people might take advantage of us as we are still in nascent stage. We are waiting to clear many other issues before concretely saying that we are a full-fledged organization”.

Meanwhile, voices in the media circles and political observers say that lobby groups might lead to fragmentation of society and youth could be misled in many ways as youth plays a very pivotal role in any country and not only in making of democracy.

A much highlighted view is that the youths or the youth group DMNT in question can approach any political parties if they are really concerned only about employment and corruption.

The DMNT members presently are studying the roles they can play and other issues that might mislead them.


Puran Gurung

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  1. And what they want. If they can’t lean on political parties nor towards CSO. What extra provision do they have other than being illegal muscle…

    • hey shut ur grumbling mouth…..u alwayz hv problem……be positive. n learn to appreciate while smeone is doin smthing……u pessimist…

      • Dear Civil Society,
        I don’t think you want their action to be branded illegal because they don’t have legal basis… if you are youth and that organization remain shady, your names will be blacklisted.
        If you are parents, you children who are involved there will be blacklisted. what can that organization do, may be form gang in desperation…if you have read intent of my earlier post, you should know that i want that body either to be political entity or CSO.

        I am not grumbling because i don’t need that organization to get me job. It is not about being pessimists or optimists, it is just word of caution in extreme way that the body has no legal basis for its existence….

        Just think of it. Otherwise, i wouldn’t want such a youth leader like Mr Lobzang behind bars for forming unlawful groups. Please read some books and know how you can for associations as per our law…

  2. I think DMNT should take CEC’s advice seriously if they don’t want to fool the people of Bhutan. If i have to say in Bhutanese context, the youth are 100% answerable to their parents no matter whats. All parents know what is good for their children and support the political party who could help their children positively.  It seems to me that Mr. Lobsang Dorji need to learn more about Bhutanese youth and make sure that he is not taking the advantage of innocent youths. 

  3. I cannot agree more with the cec’s comments. if this DMNT claims their intention  is to fight for certain voices, they should come up as a political party and if they are promoting certain interest groups then it should be in a form of CSO as per the prevailing laws of land. We cannot afford to have RSS(india) like organization sprouting in our small country. if they really have genuine interest for the good of the country, they should come through the front door.

  4. The Youth of today should study the motive behind this group. They should also better understand the Motive of Ex Dzongdag Peljo Dorji… Youth today should not be brainwashed by this single mans idea. If all you need to form such organisation please consult the good politicians, head of constitutional bodies. The youth should also better understand that Paljor Dorji is a failed Dzongda of Chukha. 

  5. Defox loos like doesn’t have work to do.Just come here,complain complains.

    • I am chamcha od DPT. Hope they will send me to US Postings lol…I hope to part of Ministry of Family Affairs..oops ..foreign Affairs…..

  6. DMNT cannot come up as a political party out of nowhere.for that the need experience and a lot of knowledge.have some patience my dear friends,they are getting there.they are concerned about a lot of things and want support from a government who they can trust and the government they trust doesnt seem to be DPT as you can see,so they chose the next eligible party.The ECB doesnt seem to have a good solution either,let the DMNT be what they want to be,there is still TIME for who they want to choose as their leaders.

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