Central school in Dagana sees an increasing number of dropouts

The Central School system has started from this year in every district with the ultimate aim being to provide the best facilities including good food, education and every other requirement of students.

However, the Central school in Dagana called the Geserling Middle Secondary School has had a bumpy start with 15 students leaving the school in one year. Parents and former students allege the actual figures are even higher which is denied by the Principal who says it is 15.

A former class seven student on the condition of anonymity said that the reason he was chucked out of school is because of disciplinary issues. He was asked to study in a different school continuing from next year along with a transfer certificate.

His father, who is a farmer said that his son is old enough to decide by himself so he is leaving the decision up to his son whether to continue his education from next year or not. “But I would love it if he could at least complete class ten”.

Pem Tshering’s mother said that her son had to drop the school due to his personal problems in the family between himself and his wife who is living in Wangdue. He left the school last month to live with his wife. “He used to be bright student and had secured 3rd position in class” said his mother.

One of the parents of a student who is studying in the same school said that she is worried that her daughter might get influenced to leave the school as the numbers of dropouts are enormous and increasing over time. “The school authority seriously needs to look into this matter as the students are too young to decide such big decision and moreover most of the parents are uneducated” she said.

However, according to the principal, Tashi Wangdi, high numbers of students leaving the school is just a rumor. He said a total of about 15 students had to leave the academic session due to numerous reasons. Out of the 15, 5 were chucked out of school due to disciplinary problems and rest due to various

problems of their own.

He said, “Despite the repeated warning and counseling, the students couldn’t cope up with the rules of school so we had to send them out for their own benefit hoping that they might change”.

He said the disadvantageous side of letting those students continue their education in the same school is that they might violate the rules repeatedly taking the punishment for granted and it might also impact the other students as there is large number of students this year with the introduction of central school and the impact could go more.

He pointed out that those students who are made to leave the school were not forcefully sent. It was first decided between the school authorities and regional authorities like Gup and also with the respective students’ parents upon which the parents themselves agreed with the decision and signed the letter.

The system is that the students are just given counseling and verbal warning for the first time. The second warning is to let students out of hostel stay as day scholars if the case is severe and the final action is to send the students out of school.

The principal said that the remarks on the transfer certificate is not reflected so that the students can get a chance to study in other school if they wish to continue. “I’ve talked with other schools like Daleythang Middle secondary School for the intake of these students” he said.

About the dropout students, he said, “We are cautious about this matter, and we really feel bad for those who are leaving the school due to their personal problems at home”.

Most of the dropouts include those who have financial problems, family pressure and some due to health problems. So, the school have appointed a permanent counseling teacher for the counseling session starting this year.

For the students who have financial problems, family pressure and health issues, the school is trying their best to help those students with such problem with counseling and other methods he said.

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