CFM management looking for space to set up an ECCD center for the vendors’ children in Kaja Throm

The Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM) management is exploring the empty spaces near Kaja Throm to set up a new Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) center for the vendors’ children in Ka-ja Throm for the safety and the engagement of the kids.

CFM Tshogpa, Dendup, said Thimphu Thromde and the Ministry of Education (MoE) held a discussion on an ECCD center for the kids. They said they are aware of the inconvenience caused to the vendors after the closure of an ECCD center inside the CFM market.

Tshogpa Dendup said the vendors needed an ECCD center near Kaja Throm, but it is difficult to get an empty space where more than 50 kids can be accommodated. They even decided to look for a three-bedroom apartment for the kids.

For now, the CFM management is currently planning to set up an ECCD center in the old veterinary hospital which is near Kaja Throm if they are allowed to set up a center there, otherwise, the kids will be without an ECCD center until the end of this year, said the Tshogpa.

He shared that for those kids who will be turning five this year, it will be difficult for them when they are enrolled in the mainstream school next year. This is because there is a huge difference between those kids who have gone to ECCD and those who did not.

The time taken for the renovation of the CFM market is not known yet, but as soon as it is completed, an ECCD center will be resumed immediately. While three facilitators of the ECCD center inside the CFM market are currently in Jigme Losel Primary School which is the parent school of the ECCD center.

A Thromde official, through an email response, said the ECCD center at the CFM was closed upon the request of the CFM management due to renovation works being carried on at the top floor of the farmers market, which is where the ECCD is located. As a service provider, Thromde is ready to deliver the services once a location or space for the ECCD has been identified.

More than 50 children, with ages ranging from three to four years, had been enrolled in the ECCD center since its opening four years ago.

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