Changbangdu sees illegal dumping

Waste is being illegally dumped on public land around Changbangdu

Residents of Changbangdu locality want the local government authorities to publicise and reinforce the new solid waste management rules because waste is still being illegally dumped by the roadside and on public land in Changbangdu.

“Implementing agencies should ensure that proper disposal of waste are addressed,” said Norbu Selden, a shopkeeper in Changbangdu. “People should also fulfill their civic responsibility in waste management.”

Singye Lhamo, a resident, said that irrespective of the fact on whether technology is adopted by the government it is essential the government prepare a comprehensive action plan for managing, processing and disposal of solid municipal waste.

Another resident of Changbangdu, Danmaya Tamang, said the rise in the food waste in the country is so shameful at a time when some families are struggling to put food on table.

According to the Waste Prevention and Management Regulation, 2012, a fine of Nu.500 is charged for dumping of waste in places other than the approved sites and within a boundary of a household or business unit; Nu.1000 for dumping waste in the streams, rivers, drainage system or other water bodies; Nu.10,000 for a failure to clean up remnants of the construction materials in and around a construction areas, streets, roads and pedestrian pathways upon completion of the construction work; and Nu. 20,000 for dumping of industrial waste in area other than the designated location or facility.

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