Child laborer and his brother enrolled in school

Fourteen-year old Sunil Limbu from Samtse, the boy who was given to Phub Nidup, originally from Haa for 27 CGI sheets, 50 kg of rice, three bed sheets, one school bag and a tiffin-box by his mother on 1 November 2010 has now got a new lease of life.

Sunil told The Bhutanese that he thought other boys lived the same way as him, labor-ridden, but after being rescued by local officials and the Tendruk gup, he realized he was wrong.

The gup, Pema Wangchu has now enrolled both Sunil and his younger brother Saajan in Jumsa Community School. They have been given school uniforms and are now set to get a normal education like any other children of their age. The two boys have been admitted in classes I and PP.

Sunil said, “I am happy because I am back home. I want to thank all the people who rescued me.”  Asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, he said he wanted to become an army officer and serve the nation.

The younger sister of the two boys, Sunita, is already in Class III so their mother, Gori Maya Limbu has instructed her to guide the brothers.

The gup who is sponsoring the boys’ education said he had noticed Sunil’s younger brother, Saajan on the road side grazing  other households’ cattle since a long time back. But only after rescuing Sunil from his employer did he discover that Saajan was the former’s brother.

Immediately after Sunil was freed, the gup talked to education and dzongkhag officials and managed to get the admission for the two brothers.

The gup who asked Saajan if he wanted to study had received the reply that he wanted to be a police officer.

“They are very promising boys,” said the gup.

Gori Maya Limbu said, “I am very happy that my eldest  son is back home and now both my sons are enrolled in school. I give full credit to our gup for his efforts.”

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  1. I congratulate both the Gup and the journalist. Keep up the good work la.

  2. We thank Tenzin Lanzang and his team for such important factual news which has greater implication on society.

  3. Hats’ off to Tendruk Gup Pema Wangchuk. It makes us proud to learn that our local governments now have such dynamic leadership. We’d like to urge other Gups to follow his suit and protect our innocent village folks from such inhumane practices. Hats’ off also to the reporter for bringing up such an important issue to the nation’s attention. You have made a crucial break-through towards saving hundreds & thousands of our children from human slavary. If I may make a suggestion to you – please also report on what actions are being taken by the concerned authorities – POlice/NCWC to Mr Phub Nidup? He shouldn’t be let scott free – if we are serious about curbing such practices.

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