Chilli prices drop rapidly due to increased supply

In a development that has sent ripples of excitement through Bhutanese households and kitchens, chilli prices have taken an unprecedented dip, with 85 percent reduction in price, thanks to a surge in availability within the local market. This unexpected turn of events is delighting consumers across the country as the chili supply is abundant this year.

A combination of ideal weather conditions, improved agricultural techniques, and persistent efforts by local farmers in significant chilli-growing districts of Bhutan are to be thanked for the dip in the prices of the chillies.

 “Chillies, typically from Punakha, Tsirang, and Trashiyangtse, are quite expensive because they are the first to be available in the market; their quantity is less and demand is higher because of the price surge up to Nu 700 to Nu 800,” said Choney Zangmo, a vegetable vendor at Kaja Throm with 15 years of business experience.

She claimed that because there are so many chillies on the market, their price has dropped and they should continue to be available for another two months.

The majority of individuals often begin to collect chillies from their kitchen gardens this time around, according to other vegetable vendors.

Vegetable vendors now expect chilli prices to rise by winter due to its scarcity.

According to the vegetable vendors, the chilies currently available in the market are from Paro and Khatsadrapchu in Thimphu.

Depending on their quality, chillies are priced between Nu 100 and Nu 80 per kilogram by the vegetable vendors. By winter, the price is anticipated to increase to Nu 250 to Nu 300 per kilogram.

Punakha, Tsirang, and Trashiyangtse are the first to harvest chilies, which is then followed by Paro and Khatsadrapchu in Thimphu.

It is anticipated that Sha in Wangdue Phodrang and Chapcha in Chhukha will sell the winter chilies.

Bhutanese farmers have boosted their crop production of chilies by using cutting-edge farming methods like efficient irrigation and organic farming methods.

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