Chinese Ambassador calls on Prime Minister

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay was called on by the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China, Mr. Le Yucheng at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang this morning.

Lyonchhen extended a warm welcome to the Ambassador on his first visit to Bhutan and conveyed that such high level visits provide an opportunity for Bhutan and China to exchange views on issues of mutual interest.

The Ambassador expressed his happiness on the cordial relations enjoyed by the two countries. He further applauded Bhutan’s development paradigm of Gross National Happiness and said that he was impressed with the stability and harmony enjoyed by the Bhutanese people.

Lyonchhen attributed Bhutan’s successes to His Majesties the Kings who were farsighted in vision and steadfast in action to their commitments in ensuring the welfare and happiness of their people.

The leaders discussed possible collaboration on tourism with emphasis on promoting people-to-people contact, student exchanges and trade among others.

Lyonchhen further conveyed that the recent football match where China won against Bhutan was remarkable, although Bhutan lost to China. He said that the outpouring support and excitement among the people, the Bhutanese and Chinesealike, was tremendous.

Ambassador Yucheng expressed that China considered Bhutan as a good neighbor, partner and a friend and wished Bhutan success for all times to come.

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