Chorten vandalized in Haa for the third time

A chorten located near Dorikha village of Samar gewog under Haa was vandalized in the night of June 4. This is the third time that the chorten has been vandalized by miscreants.

First time, the chorten was vandalized back in 1995, where all the Nangtens were stolen and no suspects were arrested in the connection to the crime.

The chorten was once again vandalized in 2005, and three people were arrested in connection to the crime. The convicts are still serving their 15-year imprisonment at Chamgang jail in the capital.

Police had recovered eight pieces of ‘Beta’ coins from the convicts.

Now, for the third time, the chorten has been vandalized and the police said that the miscreants might not be from the locality since it was a known fact that chorten does not contain any valuable Nangtens.

The police also said the miscreants might be from a different place as they are not aware of the status of the chorten.

A Rusted pathang (sword) and a few religious prayer books were left behind by the miscreants.

No clues have been found at the crime scene.

The officer-in-charge of Haa police station said, “Due to the heavy rainfall the next day, we could not trace the foot prints.”

The miscreants had dug a hole big enough for a person to enter into the chorten. The incident was reported to police by the mangmi of the village. The case is still under investigation.

Chencho Dema

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