Christmas fever sets in at Taj Tashi

Chef Arun Reddy with guests during the ceremony

Taj Tashi welcomed the festive season with a traditional ‘Christmas Cake Mixing’ ceremony

Festivities are in the air and as the year draws to an end, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the major celebrations people look forward to. But not many of us know that there is one more interesting and exciting event and that is the Cake Mixing ceremony which many five star hotels conduct nearly a month before Christmas.

An interesting array of handpicked dry fruits, nuts and spices which comprises black currant, raisins, peeled almonds, candied ginger, cashew nuts, and cherries were laid out into huge bowls on one large decorated table. Invited guests along with the hotel’s executive chef Arun Reddy and hotel staffs attired in chef’s hats, aprons and hand gloves mixed the variety of spices and nuts, pouring bountiful amounts of wine, rum, cognac and whisky into the mix.

Christmas is considered no fun without the traditional Christmas cake and making this cake is not a quick or an easy task for preparations begin months in advance for this occasion.

Megraj Gurung of Taj Tashi said the mixture will be stored for about 20 days until Christmas to come up with a 40-50kg Christmas cake. This mixture will be blended with cake batter to make cakes of various size and weight.

To participate in this internationally observed ritual, senior officials from TATA Motors  and few members of the media fraternity among others were invited to join Hotel Taj Tashi at their Thongsel Restaurant in Thimphu.

The hotel has also lined up a number of festive happenings for the coming month to celebrate New Year & Christmas.

Taj Tashi started the Christmas cake mixing ceremony last year.

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