PM inspecting the bypass in 2015

Chukha-Damchu Bypass slated to open to traffic in mid July 2018

The Chukha-Damchu Bypass, that will decrease the Thimphu–Phuentsholing highway stretch by 19.5 km, and cut travelling time by upto an hour will most probably be opened to traffic by mid of July 2018.

Chief Engineer, DoR, MoWHS, Dorji Gyeltshen, said that during a recent visit to site, led by the Secretary, works are left on only 3 meters of the Tanulungchhu bridge.

In addition, he also said there are other necessary things to construct after the completion of the bridge like railings, but the structural part is completed. They are also working on clearing the landslide areas from the past monsoons, and construction of a protection wall is underway.

He pointed out that there are three bridges along the bypass, whereby the longest is the 145 meters-long Tanulungchhu bridge, while the other two bridges are Jangtalungchhu bridge with 75 meters and 30 meters-long Sirupachhu bridge.  He said that the Jangtalungchhu and Sirupachhu bridges were completed a long time back.

Regarding the quality of the bypass road, “Some disruption might come due to the monsoon because this road is freshly cut, but this is a normal phenomenon in Bhutan,” he added.

He said that the Chukha-Damchu Bypass passes through a rocky stretch of the mountainous terrain, making it a time consuming and capital intensive construction feat.

The chief engineer said the bypass is more stable as it is built on a rocky foundation. He said, “There is not much landslide prone area, but yes, there are some in few stretches and it is not much to worry about.”

The construction Chukha-Damchu Bypass was started in 19th March 2010 and underwent several delays.

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  1. I can for sure say the Opening of this bypass will be further postponed. This is purely on the past trend where this project had been postponed on several occasions.
    Keep watching

    The reason for postponement would be monsoon rain or some other surprises.

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