Chukha Dzongkhag initiated cleaning campaigns to mark His Majesty’s 39th Birth Anniversary

Chukha Dzongkhag celebrated the 39th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King at Chhukha Central School were about a thousand spectators came together.  The auspicious day was also marked at the Phuentsholing Sports Association (PSA) ground.

The students from schools under Chukha Dzongkhag, school teachers, local community and Thromde contributed and took part in the celebrations. Cultural programs, sports, and lucky draw were also presented during the day.

The day started with the offering of Karmey Tongchey (butter lamp) at the Dzong presided by Lam Neten in presence of Dasho Dzongda and other Dzongkhag officials and officers from RBP.

Coinciding with the 39th Birth Anniversary, Chukha Dzongkhag Administration organized a clean-up program after the main events. With the theme — ‘Nation building through cleanliness’ the cleaning campaign was carried out in Phuentsholing Thromde and in 11 gewogs covering core town area, schools, institutions, villages and all the chiwogs under the jurisdiction of Chukha Dzongkhag.

A dzongkhag official said that the programs presented were a humble gesture from the people of Chukha Dzongkhag towards creating a better environment which also signifies many aspirations of His Majesty to the country and people.

Chukha Dzongda, Minjur Dorji while addressing the crowd said that His Majesty The King has various kidu programs, of which the land kidu helped people around the country making their livelihood better from every aspect. He also added that His Majesty The king has granted census related kidu which has benefitted the people of Chukha Dzongkhag among many from across the country.

He said, “His Majesty also started the initiative of awarding certificates to the academy toppers, further enhanced the relationship between Bhutan and other countries, awarding of medals to the civil servant and among many other numerous noble initiatives undertaken.”

A 63-year-old Tandin Om took part in an open shot-put competition. She said age really doesn’t matter and what matters is self-interest and that she took part so as to contribute to the celebration, she said.

“I come every year to witness the event but never got a chance to take part in any of the programs. Today I got the opportunity and I feel honored as I could at least make an attempt to compete with other 23 women”, she said.

Similarly, 53-year-old Kado took part in an open sack race competition. He said, he did out of curiosity and he is glad that he could complete the race. “I did not win but I am satisfied because I took advantage of the opportunity. I wish to participate every year if given the opportunity.”

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