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Chukha Dzongkhag to organize first of its kind couple walk


“Let’s Walk Together for 30 Minutes Everyday” is the theme for couples’ walk in Chukha. The event, a first of its kind, will begin on 24 November 2018. There is no registration fee, and as of yesterday, 40 couples have registered for the walk.

The 20-km walk starts from Tanalum and ends at the Dzong gate, and a couple is expected to finish it in 3 and half hours. To make it fair for the couples, there are two categories; category 1 is for couples aged below 40 years and category 2 isfor couples aged above 40 years.

The event is being held to highlight the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities.The three couples with the fastest time will be awarded prizes and certificates. The rest of the couples taking part in the walk will also receive certificates.

Assistant District Health Officer of Chukha, Karma Wangchuk, said only a few men and women go for morning walks, jogging and cycling in Chukha, and the numbers are affected further by the cold weather.

This is one of the Dzongkhag Multi Sectoral Task Force (MSTF) and Community Based Support System (CBSS) activities. There are no criteria set for the participants. Both married and live-in relation couples can take part. “However, no individual can hire a partner just to take part in the race,” the organizers added.

The event brings couples from various occupational groups(civil servants, armed force personnel, business communities and villagers) within Chhukha to test their fitness level and health.

The prizes will be awarded in the form of religious items rather than cash prizes. First place couple will be awarded with a set of religious book (Choe Bum), second prize will be Dung (trumpet) and third will be awarded with a Jaling.

The organizers expect to get 100 couples to participate in the walk as and when the couples from CHPC and police respond to their invitation to take part in the race.

The event is expected to start by 9:30 AM on 24 November.The initiative is led by the health sector and a medical team with possibly two doctors, ambulance and bus will be deployed for the event. Participants will be provided with refreshmentat various points during the walk.

The initiative, to walk for better health,is reliable and cheap to organize, said the organizers, and if the response is good, then it is set to be an annual event in Chukha.

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