Chukha, Haa and Trongsa go for DNT

DNT won from all the six constituencies from in Chukha, Haa and Trongsa. Of the six winning DNT candidates, two are women who won against their male opponents.

Chukha showed a huge vote margin between the opposing candidates.


From Bongo-Chapcha constituency, DNT candidate, Tshewang Lham, secured the highest votes with 6,632 votes (2139 PB + 4493 EVM) whereas her opponent DPT candidate, Pempa, secured 3,479 votes (978 PB + 2,501 EVM) losing by a difference of 3,153 votes.

Tshewang Lham, who was a former NC member, believes that people in her constituency embraced change and they also believed in DNT manifesto and vision of narrowing the gap.

DNT candidate, Jai Bir Rai, from Phuentsholing constituency secured 5,586 votes (975 PB + 4611 EVM)) over DPT candidate, Tashi, with 2,380 votes (315 PB +2065 EVM)) a huge difference of 3,206 votes.

Jai Bir Rai said that he is happy with the win, but is worried at times as he now has more responsibilities. He said that he might have won based on his leadership quality, past work experience and due to the party vision and pledges.

“I feel that the people trust me. Since I joined DNT in 2013, I have been working hand-in-hand with the people of my constituency, and I did not leave any stone unturned,” he added.

Meanwhile, Tashi said he was up against an experience opponent. He said, “I feel that I lost because I failed in many ways, whereby I may not have done anything upto people’s expectations or maybe I lacked in representing myself in front of the people.”


Both the constituencies in Tronga saw a stiff competition between the two parties with marginal wins.

DNT candidate, Gyem Dorji, secured the highest votes with 1,979 votes (776 PB + 1,203 EVM) against his opponent DPT candidate, Ugyen Namgyel, who secured 1,906 votes (582 PB + 1,324 EVM)) leaving difference of just 73 votes.

Gyem Dorji said, “I must have won may be because of the party manifesto and party vision which mostly is for the benefit of the rural people. And party priority being health.”

He also said that the people have trust in him, “Not only do they have trust in me but they have always appreciated the work I have done.”  He also said that the voters also saw into his work experience and his humility.

He said the result was extremely close and his opponent has done a good job.

From Nubi_Tangsibji constituency, DNT candidate, Yeshey Penjor, secured 1,677 votes (695 PB + 982 EVM). DPT candidate, Nidup Zangpo, secured 1,537 votes (611 PB + 926 EVM) leaving difference of just 140 votes.

Yeshey Penjor said it is his desire to serve the nation that made join the 2013 election, even though he did not make it past the primary round. “Though I lost, I did not back off, instead I made an effort to meet people in my constituency till date,” he said.

He said the people know him better. “The other reason behind my victory could be because I have a strong coordinator and supporters who did their best to make me win. They made an effort to inform people and finally it has paid off,” he added.


DNT secured the highest votes in both the constituencies in Haa, but just with less than 1,000 vote margin between the opposing candidates.

DNT candidate from Bji-Katsho-Usue constituency, Ugen Tenzin, secured 1,879 votes (604 PB + 1,275 EVM) against DPT candidate, Sonam Tobgay, who secured 888 votes (219 PB + 669 EVM) leaving difference of just 991 votes.

Ugen Tenzin said that he won as everything in the party manifesto is for the sake of public.

He said, “More than any other important thing, it is related to hospital led by Doctor and this is one of the reasons where I think many people are always for the health priority.”

DNT candidate, Dorjee Wangmo, secured 1,536 votes (534 PB + 1002 EVM)) whereas DPT candidate, Tsewang Rinzin, secured 857 votes (240 PB +617 EVM)) leaving difference of 679 votes.

Dorjee Wangmo said that the people voted for her because of the party ideology and pledges in the manifesto. She said, “Apart from the party vision and pledges, people might have found me committed and passionate to serve them and the country, equally with men.”

“Now that I am elected, first thing, I will unite supporters of all the political parties and let them feel we are one people,” she added.

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