CID processing made more flexible for citizens

People from other dzongkhags need not have to come to Thimphu to renew their citizenship identity (CID) cards anymore. Instead, they can now renew the CID from their own dzongkhags.

According to an official from Department of Civil Registration and Census (DCRC), Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA), the ministry had the CID processing equipment only in Thimphu and that is why people had to come to Thimphu for the CID renewal.

“But now since all the required equipment are being centralized in all the 20 dzongkhags, people can visit either their dzongkhag or thromde or department civil registration office to process their CID cards.” It is expected

that renewing the CID cards will take less time due to fewer crowd in the dzongkhags.

However, people in the dzongkhags have to wait for 5 to 6 days to receive the printed CID cards from Thimphu, as the only CID printing machine is located in Thimphu.

As for the renewal of CID cards for those living abroad, the official said, “Since the persons residing abroad are in possession of a passport or other travel documents, presently, it is not made mandatory to get their CID renewed.” However, official also said that, if directed, DCRC shall explore for options to renew their CID cards on expiry.

Expiration of CID, change of information or image, replacement for loss or misplacement of CID, are the common reasons why people need the new CID cards to be printed.

The official also talked about the fees that a person is liable to pay under certain conditions. A person has to pay Nu 100 for fresh/processing of CID cards for the first time and Nu 100 for renewal of CID cards if the date of expiry of the earlier issued CID card is less than or equal to six months.

“If the expiry date of earlier issued CID cards has duration more than six months then the person has to pay Nu 300,” adding that in case of replacement due to change of image or other reasons, a person has to pay Nu 300, but only on production of the old CID card.

“The person has to pay Nu 400 for lost cases where there is no earlier issued CID cards to be surrendered,” the official added.

There is no such prescribed criterion set for the people who come

in several times to process for the CID, but DCRC runs a cross-check of the image recorded in the system. The applicants are required to come in person to physically process for CID cards so as to ensure that there are no cases of impersonation.

“If the same person reports to the civil registration offices stating that they lost their cards, then they can process the cards after paying fee of Nu 400,” the official said.

The total CID cards issued by DCRC in the fiscal year 2014-2015 is 31,519 cards, out of which 12,616 cards are issued after an individual attains eligible age of getting the CID card, that usually is known as fresh cards.

DCRC reprinted 6,318 cards that were lost and 12,585 as replacements which include renewal- expired card and change of image/photo.

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  1. hi i am a Bhutanese residing in Delhi my CID will be expiring on April 2017. i heard i can go the Bhutan embassy and get it renewed ? is this true ? or do i have to come to Thimphu for it ?

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