Citizenship Kidu to 287 individuals

His Majesty has granted citizenship to nearly 10,000 individuals to date

His Majesty The King granted Citizenship Kidu to 287 individuals. The recipients of the Citizenship Kidu took part in a ceremony at the Tashichhodzong to offer their Oath of Allegiance to the Tsa Wa Sum as Bhutanese citizens.

As with all previous recipients, His Majesty personally granted an audience to the beneficiaries and reminded them of their overarching duties to the nation as Bhutanese citizens.

As with all Kidu appeals, individuals seeking citizenship Kidu submit their appeal to His Majesty through the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon, which also receives applications through Dzongkhag Kidu Officers in 20 dzongkhags.

Granting citizenship Kidu and resolving census issues of the people continues to be a priority for His Majesty The King. In this ongoing process of granting Kidu, His Majesty has granted citizenship to about 10,000 individuals till date.

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