City Cinema and Dee Pee Cinemax now in the capital

Given an option for a movie, the first choice for the urban elite is usually the more sophisticated ‘Trowa Theatre’ but now there are two more options with City Cinema and Dee Pee Cinemax opening in the City Mall from yesterday.

Starting from today a film called ‘Sangha’ will be screened in the evening.

The Director of the movie ‘Sangha’, Tshering Penjore said, “More theatres and screening venues, means more competition and therefore better movies will stand to gain.”

“I am already inspired to make better movies in terms of quality and technique, now with new and better venue for our films to be screened, things can only get better,” he added.

The two Theatres are leased by Secretary General of Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan (MPAB), Sherub Gyeltshen and Bhutanese singer and a producer, Dechen Pem.

“With development in the country as well as the growth of film industry, there is a need to provide a quality and clean movie theatre which was lacking in the city,” said Sherub Gyeltshen.

He said most high profile people despite their interest in watching a movie, are unwilling to go due to unhygienic, poor quality and improper facilities.

The cinema halls while targeting the general public, also expects elite people and tourists to come due to the high quality seats and projection system.

The Infrastructure for the theatres is an advanced one, with JBL 5.1sound system from America, and the projection system is Sony FH Professional with 5200 lumens.

The cinema halls will come equipped with clean toilet facilities. The halls also have a popcorn and snacks stand.

The seats are wide and spacious where people of any size can be comfortably seated.

“Lack of screening facilities is a difficulty faced by the film industry so when such a structure was going to come up, I thought of taking it up due to my relation with the film industry,” said Sherub Gyeltshen.

“With more substance and theme, people will like unlike in other halls,” he added.

The Halls consists of 225 seats in hall one and 247 seats in hall two. The budget to set up equipment for the theatres amounted to Nu 3.3mn for each hall.

Seats of the hall have to two ranges, the luxurious comprises of 80 seats and standard comprises of 40-45 seats charging Nu 200 and Nu 150 respectively in each hall.

Initially the screening will be done in the evening.

In Thimphu there are currently three movie theatres Trowa Theatre, Lugar Theatre and Ninda Bioscope.

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