Civil Servants to contribute 5 to 10% of salary for COVID-19 fund

The RCSC has initiated a proposal for voluntary contributions from the salary of Civil Servants and after its acceptance from agencies will be deducting between 5 to 10% of the salary of civil servants.

In response to questions from The Bhutanese the RCSC said that it as the central personnel agency, initiated the proposal to consider making some voluntary contributions towards the COVID-19 relief fund in difficult times.

“The Civil Service as the largest employer, should also show solidarity and contribute to support our fellow Bhutanese,” says the agency.

RCSC said it initially consulted the Head of the Ministries and Agencies across civil service who were further requested to discuss with their staff.

The RCSC said that after receiving unanimous agreement from Agencies on the “voluntary acceptance” came up with the proposal to deduct 5% from ESP/GSP & Operational Category, 6% from Supervisory & Support Category, 7% from Professional & Management Category and 10% from Executive and Specialist Category (including Constitutional Post Holders).

It said this detailed proposal was reverted to agencies for their concurrence. Subsequently, the contributions were affected by the Agencies.

The contributions received will be handed over to the National COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund.
The Commission said that as of now it cannot ascertain the exact contributions. However, the Commission will share the details of the contributions received, soon.

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  1. Arunava Bhattacharyya

    Very good arrangements for betterment of Bhutanees people.

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