Clearing the air on performance agreement

The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, said that the very purpose of the Performance Agreement is to make it a participatory process focused on achieving goals and service delivery.

“If LGs (local governments) have signed Performance Agreement with respective dzongkhags and if LGs feel that what are there in the performance agreement cannot be fulfilled then I should know,” said the Prime Minister during the Meet-the-Press session on August 28.

The PM said the local government officials feel that they have not received enough budget even though the capital budget that LGs received is greater than what they got 10th FYP. He said the Small Development Project (SDP) budget has not been reflected because it is not approved as yet. The SDP is to be included in the budget as and when it is approved.

PM said he is aware of activities in Performance Agreement are doable and not. “I have spoken with all the Dzongdas in the 20 dzongkhags about the financing to ensure that what they have indicated in Performance Agreement can be accomplished within existing resources,” the PM said.

The PM said local leaders can examine the Performance Agreement, which is doable as it has small activities can be done within the existing budget of Nu 2 mn of GDG. “I am not sure how much of their critique on Performance Agreement are just real concerns, how much is political in nature, not all LGs have to a sign contract, and they do not have to,” the PM added.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay the Performance Agreement, especially in the dzongkahgs is very conservatives in scale.

The Home Minister, Damchoe Dorji, said, “I have information from the Gups that the reason why they do not want to sign the Performance Agreement with Dzongdas is because it is signed by sector heads without consultations with Gups.” The Home Minister said that the Gups were surprised and they want to be ensured that they will be consulted with on the agreement.

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