On the way to Changangkha Lhakhang

Clogged drain results in massive excavation of Changangkha road

Eight households in the capital, during the past few months, experienced flooding during heavy rainfall because of clogged drains according to the Thimphu Thromde.

“Most blockage are caused by unsuitable waste flushed down by heavy rainfall but often times, even when the drain pipes are not totally blocked, its ability to drain away is severely affected,” said Thromde’s Chief Engineer. “During heavy rainfall, this often leads to water backing up and forcing its way out of the drain pipes. Blockage in drain can cause flooding.”

Sangay Wangdi from thromde said, “After knowing that clogged drain pipes from heavy rainfall are the major problem, we tried to clean it manually but after various fruitless attempts, we decided to excavate the whole drain pipe with the help of an excavator. Thromde excavated 24 square meters of land at Changangkha”.

With a budget of 700,000, the drain pipe repairing work will begin in few days and the contract will be assigned to one of the contractors in Thimphu.

“The work is not only limited to repairing of drain pipe but also involves blacktopping of road and construction of roundabout at appropriate place because we have learned that the earlier roundabout was not so appropriate and was causing trouble for the motorists,” a Thromde official said.

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