Coca-Cola conducts a retail training program for women

Around 25 women retailers in Thimphu attended the first ever women retailer training program conducted by Coca-Cola in Thimphu on March 19.
The retailers will learn retailing skill and concept of maintaining shops, stock, customer and financial management. The program is customized to suit the training needs of women retailers, which then serves the larger societal needs of empowering women and promoting inclusivity.
Secretary, MoEA, Dasho Sonam Tshering said that the main aim is to develop and promote the private sectors in the country.
“If the business goes well then retailers will be able to pay tax to the government and it will benefit our people. To develop our economy, the responsibility lies in the hand of the people of Bhutan,” the Secretary said
Dasho Sonam Tshering said that although the ministry provides such kinds of training, it is also good if the private sector takes the initiative to provide such training to the retailers which will make a huge difference.
According the country manager of Nepal and Bhutan, Coca-Cola, Shabad Khan, the fundamental reason why Coca-Cola conducts the retail business training is to help shopkeepers run their business better and if one woman is provided the training then it translates to economic empowerment of the whole family.
“This program is based on women empowerment and the program is 5 by 20 which means empowering 5 million women by 2020. In Bhutan, the program is just trying to take a little step to continue to this process annually,” Shabad Khan said.
He further said, “This program is about how you can run your shop better and not only selling Coca-Cola. This retail training will help to gain more business and more costumers and help Bhutanese society to have better business. We are a part of social structure here and we benefit as well, this program has just taken its baby step of empowering business and expanding entrepreneurship.”
The training was conducted by Coca- Cola University certified trainers where participants were taught simple but effective techniques for enhanced sales efficiency. The trainer also imparted skills around managing products, finances, how to handle customers and to make the shop more appealing to customers and how to be environment friendly.
Coca-Cola Bhutan is developing a number of community programs to create a difference in the lives of people in Bhutan. The company launched the Coca-Cola Bhutan National League to promote football across the country. The company also brought the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Bhutan in December 2013. Coca-Cola in Bhutan also creates awareness on World Water Day and World Environmental Day in schools and communities.

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