Combined Response to Pay Hike And House Rent Allowance Comes To Around 25% Total Hike For Most Civil Servants.

The increase in pay is financed from the increasing taxes every citizens pay to government and the royalties collected by government from the resources which belong to the common citizens. Tax payers willingly pay the taxes knowing that those who receive salaries and parks will acknowledge it and provide better services to the tax payers. I as one of the tax payers expect any salary receiver to understand this basic and the governing principle of expectation. If this understanding is broken, either a hopeless salary receiver is fired and replaced by a progressive salary receiver or I stop paying the taxes. The bottom line is that if my employee is not working and being lazy, I simply do not pay the person and fire the person. Therefore, the over-the-counter message for this increase in salary and park is you have a moral obligation to enhance the services being provided to citizens of this country.


It is not the government’s proposal, it is the Pay Commissions’ proposal and the commission consisted of senior civil servants and experts. Anyways, do civil servants deserve a pay revision, do house owner’s (senior civil servants, ex lyonpos and businessmen) deserve higher house rent? Instead, do not propose any revision, control prices and rents. Use the money to develop basic infrastructures, but with sound planning.


The government has really fooled all civil servants. Instead of bringing down the income gap, after pay revision it has created more of a gap. Our country depends on external funding and even the PM of a donor country like India has lesser payment than the PM of Bhutan.


The current allowance is 15% and indeed, the govt has fooled us thoroughly.

Civil Servant

People are trying to fool the public by complicating simple mathematics. A large percent does not necessarily a large amount. 100% increment for GSP ‘s pay makes about Nu.5000. A total of 55% increment for the civil servants since 2006 converts to just Nu. 7000 – Nu. 15000 of hard currency for most of them. Ministers take exorbitant pay hike as proposed on the justification that this was resolved by the first parliament.

Tshering Rabgay

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