Comments on “Govt Plans Subsidized Rice And Curry Cooker, Water Boiler Along With Free 100 Units Of Elec-tricity”

Some villages have been electrified recently and they deserve subsidy on electricity and at the same time it would have a far reaching impact in safeguarding our pristine environment.Those industrialists who have been enjoying electricity subsidy should now be prepared to pay normal tariff and such subsidy should be extended only for rural areas.


Free electricity, subsidized rice cooker, curry cooker and boiler by PDP government to rural farmers is a good initiative and i hope it will serve the purpose it is meant for. But i have some reservations about it. Except for free 100 unit electricity, other items alike, whether provided free or sub¬sidized, is not a sustainable program. We want to see government come up with such programs that will increase the income level of rural farmers which are more sustainable in long run. When income levels of farmers are secured, those items can be pur-chased by themselves. If not, it is seen as mainly to gain political favor from rural folks for PDP.

When it comes to rural-urban migra¬tion, govt should focus more on rural so that migrated farmers from urban will go back to rural to enjoy good facilities which are not available to them at urban. Best of luck.


Comments on “Cabinet Rais-es Queries On ‘Biased Cover-age’ Of Parliament Session”

In essence it is a reality that the ma¬nipulative culture of election is a part and parcel of democracy and after the election result is out everyone should accept it. Of course the rule of law, human rights, checks and balances have yet to become realities in Bhu¬tanese society. The experiences show that the freedom of press to take root as a value in our society is yet to be recognized, practiced and realized.


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