Committee members of the Japan learn and earn program decides to file case against BEO

Although the case is currently under review by the Office of Attorney General, the committee consisting of about more than a hundred members has decided to file a case against BEO in the court on the grounds of breach of contract. Moreover, the members have also signed an appeal letter which will be submitted to ACC for reinvestigation of the case on Monday.

The committee lawyer, Ngawang Tobgay said the decision to file case is to ascertain the damages and to seek timely justice. “It is evident that the agent has not honored most of the principal provisions of the employment agreement.”

He said the parents and students believe that no help has been provided to the aggrieved youths as of now.

On the appeal letter that will be submitted to the ACC, he said it is mainly to address the concerns of the parents and the children affected by the case.

Right now, he said that most apparently feel that there is something more that couldn’t be revealed but is necessary to do.

Meanwhile, the labour minister and a team are yet to visit Japan.

He said the government will also explore opportunities to ease the current situation faced by the youth during the visit to Japan.

“For now 55 percent of youth who went to Japan are university graduates while 45 percent consisted of high school graduates. For class twelve, we decided to extend the loan repayment for four years and two years for the graduates,” said labour minister.

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