Community service and 21-day self-paid quarantine for rule violators

During the press briefing on friday, the Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said that those who violate established code of the quarantine or travel across the border illegally have to bear the cost of the quarantine and also serve 10 days of community service.

“People are still crossing the border. Henceforth, such people will have to bear the 21-day expense of quarantine with 10 days of community service,” the Health Minister said.

She said people are seen going around the quarantine center and passing and throwing things from the window to their friends. “So, here after they will be kept under quarantine facility and bear the cost associated with the quarantine services,” the Health Minister added.

She said, “We had an issue last time regarding the kids partying in a quarantine center despite giving repeated advice. After hearing the news, we did testing and we had a sleepless night. We have circulated news across the country through the social media and main stream media regarding the quarantine protocol and everyone should take responsibility and follow the rules.”

She added that after completing the 21-day quarantine, these people will be made to do 10 days community services, like picking up wastes around thromde areas or be placed at a construction of monasteries besides bearing the quarantine expenses.

The total cost would be Nu 21,000 for the quarantine.

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  1. 21000 for quarantine does it include fooding and lodging both??

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