Complaints of LPG running out faster than normal

Some hoteliers and families have complained that their LPG cylinders are getting exhausted faster than it used to before and they are in doubt whether the cylinders are only half filled when they buy it from the depot.

A restaurant and bar owner in Wangchutaba, Dil Maya Tamang said, “Gas used to last before for about month. Recently it finishes off so quickly that it doesn’t even last for half a month. I thought of complaining about it but thought just one voice is useless, as a result, I had to increase the rate of food items.”

A resident in Changzamtok, Prithi Maya Limbu, said, “We are a family of four members and one gas was enough to last for one and half months, but now I noticed that it doesn’t even last for a month.”  She said that the gas seals are already opened when purchasing the gas. She further added, “Since the seal was open and gas doesn’t last any longer and even seems lighter, my friends and I have started doubting that three cylinders are filled out of two cylinders.”

However, the Joint Director of MoEA, Dophu Tshering, said that when gas comes from the plant in India, it is thoroughly checked for weight and any leakage by putting the cylinders in water and then sealed.

He also said that similar complaints have been received in the past. Therefore, it was made mandatory for a weighing machine to be installed in all warehouses for the customer to weigh the filled LPG cylinders.

“If the measurement is below 29 to 30 then they can take another cylinder and is still being monitored frequently. But it is merely impossible that there will be leakage since thorough monitoring is done,” Dophu Tshering added.

He also said that the people should weigh and purchase instead of rushing and if the seals are opened then people should not accept the cylinder.

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