Construction work on new Phuentsholing township in full swing

The construction work of Zone A, under Phuentsholing Development Township Project (PDTP) is in full swing for the past three months. The construction work commenced on November 1, 2018.

Under this contract package (CW-01) they have five major components- build river training works, outfalls, embankment and backfill and promenade finish and landscaping.

In the 18 months they plan to construct a two kilometer diaphragm wall for river training and within two years and six months they will carry out embankment construction and earth filling.

The project Director of Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL), Tshering Drupchu said they have focused on two aspects: environmental and social.

Zone A is considered to be the most urgent and important part of the entire project because it involves flood protection of the left bank of the Amochu river which is urgently needed to protect the current Phuentsholing town.

For any kind of flood in the summer, he said that the current alignment of the diaphragm wall is way beyond the current riverbed and they have enough buffers between the diaphragm wall and the river. “We have already put in place a temporary river diversion and protection as a buffer. We will continue to retain the temporary alignment till the diaphragm is completed”, he added.

In addition, they also have constructed Hume pipe culverts as temporary protection measures. They have formulated an emergency response plan to address any accident or emergency to prevent or minimize injury, damage and material loss.

A flood management team will be instituted soon and flood early warning system will also be installed in the next package.Phuentsholing Thromde in 2017 has awarded temporary river diversion work to two private firms, Chukha construction and Rigsar construction on cost recovery modality.

In addition, it was learnt that, there are another two construction companies who are lifting the boulders, beyond the project area boundary, towards Amochu Bridge.

Meanwhile, Phuentsholing Thrompoen Uttar Kumar Rai said that whatever government land they had, they have given it to DHI. Now they will only have to pay land tax as per the land act, he added.

CDCL will do all the road connectivity, drainage, sewerage network connectivity themselves as per their master plan, he said. However, they will have to coordinate with CDCL about using the same Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP).

The 1,146 acres Amochu Land Development and Township Project (ALDTP) is estimated to cost around Nu 14 bn. For the project, CDCL is the implementing agency and they have awarded the package to AFCONS Infrastructure limited.

Zone A project would lead to creation of 162.88 acres of new flat land right next to the current Phuentsholing. This land would be used to create additional space for the current congested Phuentsholing township.

The cost for this project would be USD 66 mn or around Nu 4 bn which would be financed by the ADB in loans with some grant element.

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