Construction works for road to Jiktsham Lhakhang might be delayed

People in Jamkhar gewog under Trashiyangtse dzongkhag were planning to connect their farm road till the doorsteps of Jiktsham Lhakhang. However, the Gewog Administration Officer, Ugyen Wangdi stated that  works might be stalled as the landscape is very rugged. The deadline to complete the work is by June. The road which was constructed in the year 2010 from Binangkhar to Nyenda under Tongzang gewog was continued and has reached Laisum under Jamkhar gewog.According to the GAO, the government’s aim is to connect  villages like Sangshari, Langap and more than 300 households.Moreover, to complete the work  two excavators and laborers collected by the village tshogpa from the gewog itself are being used.

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