Consultative meeting held on civil service rules and regulations

Following the first annual human resource conference held by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) earlier this week, senior officials of the commission met with more than 170 civil servants of Thimphu dzongkhag yesterday.

The day-long meeting saw the RCSC commissioners briefing the audience on Civil Service Act of Bhutan (CSAB) 2010 and seeking their consultations on the draft Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulations (BCSR) 2012.

Talking to The Bhutanese, a RCSC commissioner, Sangay Dorji, said, the   BCSR in 2010 was revamped before the CSAB was in place. One primary reason to revamp the BCSR, he said was to keep abreast with the CSAB 2010. “Certain provisions had to be introduced that fell in the grey areas in the past while some obsolete clauses needed revamps”, he said.

The RCSC chairperson, Thinley Gyamtsho, and senior officials of the commission educated the participants on the selected relevant provisions from the constitution and chapter wise briefing was conducted on the BCSR 2012.

Sangay Dorji said the participants were proactive and the meeting was very productive. He said it   would contribute in revision of the draft BCSR.

Addressing a question on job allocation, the chairperson said, all civil servants should remember to be responsible and also continue to learn and excel in different sectors apart from their university degree majors. “With your effort and education you can do that. For instance I was once responsible for the department of forest without a day’s training on forest”, he said.

In her inaugural address on March 29, during the first annual HR conference, Her Royal Highness, Ashi Dechen Yangzom Wangchuk said, “It is your duty to help build a core of highly commited, disciplined, focused and loyal civil servants, completely dedicated to supporting the government in the development of a strong and peaceful Bhutan”.

Currently there are 23,170 civil servants of which 85 are located outside the country. Thimphu has the highest number with 7,326 civil servants.

The RCSC team will complete touring all 20 dzongkhags by June after which meetings will be held with heads of other agencies,   government secretaries and other senior officers.

RCSC will adopt the BCSR 2012 by October this year after chapter wise revision of the draft  against the feedbacks received during the various consultation processes.

BCSR 2012 is tentatively scheduled to be launched on December 17, 2012.

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