Contemporary paintings: An artist who combines life and poetry in his art

A group of young artists in Thimphu have started the Datog Art Gallery at Changbangdu to promote contemporary art practices and traditional artisan and craftsmen.

The gallery showcases diverse art forms like painting, paint-marking, photography, sculpture and video as well as installation arts.

The gallery is very open-minded towards any creative expression and emphasizes on powerful and innovative presentation of artistic creativity.

Artist Tshering Gyeltshen said that contemporary art is the tool. It tells the story to the people. “Unlike Thangka paintings, contemporary arts gives awareness to the public and even teaches lessons,” he said.

Another artist member, Nima Yoezer, said he started painting after he completed class 10. “I like the imagined paintings where it grows within me to paint differently,” he said. “It gives freedom.”

Some of the members have participated in international shows and the gallery has been actively involved in promoting a range of art forms of Bhutanese artists and organized events.

Rinchen Wangdi, 38, is also a member of Datog Art Gallery where his work is on display. “I am a self-taught artist and nature has always been my inspiration. I have experimented with almost all things and feelings that evoke from nature beauty around me,” said the artist, who is completed high secondary schooling.

Rinchen began to paint five years ago when someone gifted him a set of brushes and paints.

“I have tried to combine arts of lifestyle, nature and poetry in my works. My art showcases destiny and unplanned events of life. Together they make our life beautiful and that’s what I have portrayed,” said Rinchen.

Richen set a time to applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (support base) at evening. Usually he paints from 1am to 3 am, “because I need a peace and concentrate on my colour to beautify my arts,” he said. During the day he teaches painting.

So far 50 Bhutanese artist and 45 foreigners till date have come forward to learn contemporary Bhutanese art.

Unlike other Bhutanese painters, 38-year-old Rinchen Wangdi engaged in an activity related to his creative arts and contemporary arts. His approach to art is unique.

Rinchen set to embark on his artistic journey with his debut arts in the Datog Art Gallery (A contemporary Bhutanese expression) the artist has given a poetic touch to his every art-work.

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