Contract regularization does not mean civil service job: PM

The Prime Minister made it clear that the contract employee regularization will include employees from all the ministries and agencies and not just the ministry of education.

He however clarified that’s regularization does not mean a regular civil service job. “RCSC works with their own set of dos and don’ts and have their criteria for entry.”

“We will have a long term contract provision where one will be entitled to pension and provident fund and regular up gradation and contract extension as per the performance,” said the PM. “So when we say regularize, there are many other ways of regularizing the contract”.

Taking an example of a teacher, he said if one is doing well during the contract tenure, the individual will be doing contract teaching for next 20 or 25 years. He added the government will also make provision for masters.

PM said the contract scheme benefits both the individual and the system. He pointed out, “One of the biggest drawback of civil service is that once you are in it you are in it until you are 50 or 60 years old, whether you perform or don’t, you will be getting the same salary at end of the month”.

He said in the contract scheme the employer hire and fire the employee based on performance while the worker can show their ability too. “Efficiency is the main advantage of the contract system which I think is the main charm in developed world”

“Very soon or sooner RCSC might also has to change with time,” said the PM.

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