Contract teachers regularization under process: PM

The Member of Parliament (MP) Norbu Wangzom from Jomotshangkha-Martshala constituency asked about the pledge of the present government to regularize those civil servants who are on contract basis.

She said during the First Session, the Education Minister has also said that in addition to the regularization of contract civil servants in the Ministry of Education, all other civil servants on contract would be regularized.

The MP said that since there has been nothing done until this day, she requested the Prime Minister (PM) to clarify in the House on this matter on Friday.

The PM said they ensured all the civil servants starting from the Essential Service Personnel (ESP), General Service Personnel (GSP) level get their benefits even after their retirement. Similarly, other plans are also under process.

The PM said that they have even discussed with Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) but since they have their own rules and regulations, the plans to regularize contract teachers are still in the process.

According to the Bhutan Civil Service Rules (BCSR), the recruitment rules are clearly specified as in until when to keep the contract employees in the Ministry of Education.

The MP said the problem is about how to perceive it otherwise there is no other problems on regularizing the contract teachers.

The contract teachers are being assured by the government that even after the completion of their contract term, they will be financially stable, said the PM.

“If the contract employees are employed only for the fixed term of one or two years, it will be difficult to regularize them. But when it comes to contract teachers, regularizing them will not be difficult because it is for education,” said the PM.

The PM said it has only been 8 months since the government has come into power. “And in order to regularize the contract teachers, we must follow the RCSC’s recruitment rules and regulations which are not in the hands of the government. So it will take little more time than we expected,” he added.

“We are also planning to revise pay for the contract teachers,” said the PM.

The MP highlighted on the issue of contract teachers not being able to avail loan services due to the two years contract.

The MP said if the contract term can be extended to five years, it will be beneficial for them.

The PM said, “In my opinion, the loan service is given based on one’s salary and there are different kinds of loan services offered to regular and contract employees.”

He said they must also follow Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) rules to avail loans.

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