Couple arrested for illicit trafficking of controlled substance

With the help of a tip-off, Thimphu police arrested a couple from Changzamtog, near sawmill on 16 October at around 9:15 PM.

The husband a 28-year-old from Chukha and the wife is 24-year-old from Bumthang, had in their possession 1,006 capsules of SP+, and both tested positive for drugs.

The couple bought the substance from Machi Basti, Jaigoan.

Police said that within two months’ time (August and September), they arrested 10 males and 2 females in connection to illicit trafficking. In addition, they have also arrested 111 males and 9 females for substance abuse.

The police in total have seized 5,232 capsules of SP+, 42 tablets of N10, 24 grams of Hashish, 731 grams of Marijuana and 2,487 ml of paint thinner. From the total arrests made, the oldest suspect is 44 years old while the youngest is just 14 years old.

When it comes to abusers, police said that, 45 abuser are youths.

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