COVID-19 threat

Two developments should give us cause for concern. One is that scientists have found that COVID-19 is airborne and thus can spread through even small particles, especially in a poorly ventilated setting where people are not wearing masks.

The other issue is neighboring India reaching the third highest number of cases in the world with predictions that it is set to be the next global COVID-19 hotspot after USA.

In the case of the former, Bhutan should not wait for a slow and bureaucratic WHO to plod its way and come out with outdated advice, but we should take the many scientists and their work seriously and take preventive steps.

Face masks has to become a must in crowded public areas for a start. The other important thing is to ensure that places like class rooms, halls and other other enclosed areas where people meet are well ventilated.

Unfortunately, the ground reality is that our people have lost their fear and are now engaging in reckless behavior by crowding and not wearing masks. The government must take stronger measures and be more vocal in its messaging.

When it comes to the COVID-19 explosion in India and the neighboring Indian states, we must continue to ensure our sealed border remains a sealed border with even more aggressive patrolling and eyes and ears on the ground, including electronic ones.

The challenge is only going to get tougher and longer as India is yet to reach its peak and the numbers will only get higher. The actual numbers would be even higher given the low testing there compared to western countries.

The risk for local or community transmission coming via our border through carelessness or recklessness is very real.

The fight against COVID-19 is long from over and we must carry on the fight under the inspirational leadership of His Majesty.

Don’t get too comfortable with successAnonymous

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