COVID Leadership

Last week we were witness to the leader of the world’s most powerful nation, and by extension the world’s most powerful man, the US President, come down with COVID-19.

The US President had difficulty breathing and it was only special medical care and a cocktail of powerful and even some experimental drugs, accessible only to him, that saved him.

Even then he winced in pain as he climbed up the White House stairs and took out his mask with him breathing heavily. The longer term health impact is still unknown.

Donald Trump was the global symbol of not taking COVID-19 seriously from making fun of masks to having mass campaign rallies and meetings.

On the other end, Bhutanese saw the touching images of His Majesty The King and even His Majesty The Fourth King travelling in the high risk southern belt to shore up our COVID-19 defences.

This is how seriously they take the virus and we as responsible citizens must continue doing our part of wearing masks, practicing social distancing, ensuring good ventilation and washing our hands.

An important step in guarding us against the virus has been taken with a double line defence at the international border and an inner line.

As winter comes, India, in all probability, will see a second wave due to the flu season, and this is also the time when our porous southern borders will become even more porous as rivers and streams wane and crossings become much easier.

We have already seen local transmission cases in the south which were luckily detected early and could be traced and contained.

Most citizens may not be able to make big sacrifices in this fight against COVID-19, but we have an equally important role to play in each one of us not letting down our defences as the virus only needs to find one weak link in our defences to get in and cause havoc.

“We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.”
Queen Victoria

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