Crime rate in the capital city expected to drop this year

Measures are put in place for the safety of the public

Figures compiled by the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) show a decline in crime rate in Thimphu this year. However, while the police are making every effort to combat crime, it is uncertain if the crime rate would surpass last year’s figure by the end of this year.

“These days, the cases are decreasing and I feel that it might be due to effective patrolling,” Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Thimphu police station Major Chewang Dengye said.

Thimphu still continues to top the chart of crime rate in comparison to other dzongkhags across the country, though it has dropped from 54 percent back in 2011 to 45 percent last year.

Thimphu has an estimated population of over 1, 01,884 residents apart from the huge number of people using the capital as a transitory route. Thimphu has also recorded the highest number of illegal drug transaction cases at 79 percent of the total drug cases reported across the country.

Many feel youth migration and unemployment might be the reasons for rise in crime while some said the crime rate is being abated through increased number of

sports activities initiated these days. Police say they have yet to study the figures.

Prior to the establishment of the Community Police Center (CPC), it proved difficult for the police to reach every corner of the city, but now, with the four CPCs set up to function like small police stations, the crime rate is being reduced.

The four CPCs have their own jurisdictions while the remaining zones are monitored by Thimphu police station. It is being initiated to help the RBP tackle “the root cause of crime, and to deliver timely services to the community.”

“No matter how serious or minor the nature of the crime is, I ensure there is an officer and police personnel to attend to the case and render service,” Major Chewang Dengye said.

“At times, it is very difficult to monitor, having to cover the vast area, but my men are scattered everywhere, anytime anything happens, they are there to act. To curb crime and make Thimphu a safe place to live is the motive of police,” he added.

The ASP also mentioned that most of the crimes happen during the weekends, especially during the party nights. Extra forces are deployed for the patrolling during such occasions.

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