Cyclone Amphan does some minor damage by Friday

The Amphan Cyclone did not do any major damage to Bhutan so far apart from leaving some farm roads and highways disconnected, damaging some crops, partial damages to houses and disruption of power and mobile network.

However, if the rains continue for a few more days due to the depression left by the cyclone then the impact could change for the worse. Already, rivers and streams all over Bhutan have become more swollen.

As per National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM), light to moderate rainfall is likely over the country during the next 48 hours (23-24 May). Heavy rainfall is likely over southern parts of the country on 25 may and rest of the places can expect light to moderate rainfall. In addition, gusty winds are likely over isolated places of the country during the next 72 hours.

The Department of Disaster Management did an assessment as of 10 pm on Friday.


Traffic had to be diverted as the bridge over Tang Chu gewog has weakened due to incessant rain. The bridge will be closed to traffic until further notice. Damages to Chungphel farm road were caused at various places.


No major incidents were reported, but the Gewog Center roads towards Loggchina and Getena have been cutoff due to minor landslides.


Mongar reported minor roadblocks at different locations, disruption of mobile network and electricity and partial damages to few houses. The retention wall at Tsamano Primary School collapsed due to incessant rain. The continuous rainfall triggered landslide which is why people were evacuated to safer place. The power supplies were restored.


No major damages were reported, however, a small portion of retaining wall collapsed at Lama Lhakhang at Wangchang Gewog due to incessant rain.


There is no report of any major damages as of late Friday; however, a minor blockage on Pergung farm road has been reported. It is reported that the road between Jomotshangkha and Lauri is risky with falling boulders due to continuous heavy rainfall. There is no electricity at Lauri since 8 am, Friday.


Farmers from Lingzhi, Soe and Naro reported loss of cattle (yaks and horses) to the incessant rainfall and windstorm in the past few days. Other than that nothing was reported.


Four households consisting of 19 people from Threna, Udzorong Gewog were evacuated to Chiya Primary school as a continuous rainfall caused flashflood and landslide.

There were reports of crop damage. A minor road block was reported between Gewog center and Dzongkhag, at Mukazor (13 km from Wamrong towards Samdrupjongkhar) and Mekong Brak.


The bridge construction materials at the Dungzur were partially submerged by a swollen Kholongchu. Minor road blocks were reported while the Goenpa farm road has been washed away due to incessant rainfall.


There was a roadblock at Reotala along the Trongsa-Gelephu highway under Langthil and it is still not cleared to traffic as of late Friday. An oil tanker is standard at the block and the roof panel of the tanker has been damaged by shooting boulders.


Tsirang reported 20 minor incidents as of late Friday. The damage includes loss of around 0.10 acres of maize field, blockage of some farm roads and few damages to some kitchens. The damage is caused by heavy rainfall and windstorm.

The remaining 10 Dzongkhags of Samtse, Sarpang, Dagana, Gasa, Haa, Pemagatshel, Punakha, Lhuentse, Wangduephodramg and Zhemgang have not reported anything so far. However, reports of damages from those 10 Dzongkhags can happen in the days to come, according to the weather in each Dzongkhag.

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