D.N.T not PDP part 2

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa has strongly denied all rumors currently doing the rounds in both public domain and in the political fray, about the DNT’s attempt to rope-in all former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members.

“The question of DNT gunning for the Ex-PDP members is not at all true,” clarified the DNT spokesperson, Dr. Tandi Dorji.

The rumor mills started spinning on DNT when speculation was rife that DNT already had three former PDP members in the party and had plans to bring in the others.

DNT Spokesperson, Dr. Tandi Dorji, admitted to the presence of three members who are former PDP candidates, one being himself. The party has however, refused to disclose the identity of the two others as they have other obligations at present, and if revealed it could complicate things for them.

“Recently we heard from two strong supporters of PDP who have shown interest to join our party,” added the spokesperson.

The spokesperson commented that the party did not invite any individual to join their party. The DNT had approached some influential personalities like Dasho Neten Zam, National Council Chairperson Namgye Penjore and Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Kunzang Wangdi. But all of them had declined.

“We don’t want to be labeled as another PDP, the whole point of forming DNT is to give a choice for the voters and to ensure that there are more than two parties enshrined in the constitution,” supplemented the spokesperson.

Although few candidates from PDP in 2008 came up with the idea to form a party but the formation on the lines of an all-former PDP was not achieved.

The DNT party does not have any member registered so far as the party is presently engaged in works to translate their ideology into each ministry that can be easily understood by the people.

“DNT will promote social democracy, based on the three principles of solidarity, freedom and justice,” said Dr. Tandi Dorji.

“One of the strategies of DNT is taxation policy to improve the lives of people; rich can become richer there is no restriction but poor people also have to grow simultaneously,” said the spokesperson.

Taking note of the progress of the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT)  government, the DNT spokesperson, said looking at the present scenario of Bhutan’s taxation policy, people who are earning just more than Nu. 8,000 per month have to pay 10% while a person earning more than Nu. 20,000 still need to pay 10 % which makes it unequal.

“The ruling government’s manifesto of equity is lost in between,” he said.

The DNT currently runs and survives only on the amount of money collected from nine core members; each contributing 10,000 shared the spoke person.

“The charm of this party is that we decide and take all decisions on consensus basis and make it function like a true democratic institution,” said the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa spokesperson.

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