Dagana and Samtse happy with primary round results


The voters of Dagana and Samtse are glad to see the two old parties Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) back again in the political arena.

The people of these two dzongkhags, a significant fold of them at least, had always wished for the two old parties to make it through to compete in the generals. That’s been the word on the streets or the popular hearsay transmitted around many corners.

Therefore the voters overlooked a lot of climatic disasters like a very heavy rain fall, increase in the water levels etc. to make sure they voted in favor of their allegiances.

“The people of these Dzongkhag never wanted to take the risk of losing their chosen parties and they really wanted to put them through to the general rounds,” said a local resident after the polling time was over.

People in this area are very much trustful in their parties because of their staunch belief in their prominently put-forward pledges and manifestos.

In Samtse Dzongkhag there is a vast difference in the votes within the four parties but the best part about the people was they expected their parties to at least not get kicked out of the first round. And it was a wish granted.

Talking to the DPT MP Sonam Jamtsho of the Drujeygang-Tseza constituency he said, “Though I had a few problems five years back without having any kind of experience, but now I am happy to see my people again voting for my party and giving us the same opportunity to serve the country again.”

“I pledge from now onwards I will do the best and help the King, People and the Country,” he added.

A resident Dupchu Dorji, 32 who went to cast his vote said “The main reason I came for the voting was for the gewog development especially with the problems of drinking water, farm road construction and others.”

Another resident Sangay Choden, 33 a business woman said, “I voted for one of the new parties because I want a change and I hope the new party will bring the same thing as I expected.”

An elderly farmer who also cast his vote for ‘change’ said “The only reason I voted for the opposition party was because I felt this party has a good ideology and a promising manifesto that could help us further.


Sonam Wangmo 

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  1. These people are happy to remain subdued and always suffer and cry for their identity.Both DPT % PDP never brought forward the issue of census during Assembly Sessions.So fate is not going change for next 5 years.

  2. No party had the census issue in their manifesto, but PDP had been quite vocal about it in their campaigning. They have at lest promised to take up the matter by looking at the Census and Immigration laws. They should at least vote for PDP.

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