Dagana’s 4 aspiring candidates’ pledges centers around community development

Dagana’s incumbent National Council (NC) member from Dagana, Surjaman Thapa, 36, is re-contesting this election. With the slogan, “Let’s all exercise our franchise and let’s all make a difference together,” he pledged to safeguard the security and sovereignty of the country, uplift the community through research, review, and consultation, review economy and contribute in direct income generation to the community and the nation post pandemic, and lastly, promote climate change resilient modern agriculture.

He said he decided to re-contest as he has many things left to do, and hopes to be able to serve his people and community.

Contesting for the seat is 38-year- old Tshechu, a former lawyer who was practicing law for 5 years. He also worked as an instructor for non-formal education for 7 years. He pledged to be the voice of the people and shared that he will fulfill the duties and responsibilities of NC and uphold the security and sovereignty of the country in accordance with the Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan.

He pledged to serve as a constant bridge between the government and the Local Government (LG) to identify legislative and policy issues through timely consultation with the public of Dagana, and submit the issues as agenda for review and deliberation in the NC. He also pledged to facilitate timely completion of the developmental activities prioritized in the five-year plan by coordination and in consultation with the Dzongkhag and LG. He also promised to help resolve societal issues and deliver noble vision of the Gross National Happiness to the people with humility and to the best of his ability.

Birendra Chimoria, 42, a former teacher with almost 2 decades of work experience, of which 11 years was spent in teaching followed by experiences in working as sports administrator for his dzongkhag and for Bhutan Football Federation.

With the slogan, “Together we shall progress for National Harmony,” he pledged to shoulder extra responsibility of safeguarding the national security and sovereignty, recommend policy for agriculture product enhancement, protection, and compensation, propose policy to support domestic tourism and open neighbouring dzongkhags along India border as tourist destination.

Lastly, he also promised to facilitate on the common interest of the country and the people along with the Members of Parliament of National Assembly during any joint sittings.

Dawa, 41, has a work experience of about 13 years having worked mainly with Information Technology (IT) as IT manager for Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited, and having served as a CCTV expert in DeSuung Skilling Project and also served as a manager in Infra. With the slogan, “It’s time to change,” Dawa pledged to reduce corruption, to change the rules wherever it is required and to upgrade the country’s technology.

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