Dantak and DCCL sign MoU for supply of cement

On 16 March, Project Dantak signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited (DCCL) for the supply of cement to be used for constructing roads in Bhutan. The MoU was signed by the Chief Engineer of BRO Project Dantak, Brigadier Jaswinder Singh, and the Sales Head of Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited, Tshering, at the Headquarter of Project Dantak in Simthokha, Thimphu.

The MoU signifies significant steps towards promoting local industries in Bhutan by Dantak, as the supply of cement is being sourced from a domestic company. This collaboration will help boost the country’s economy post-COVID pandemic, and demonstrates the commitment of both organizations in working towards mutual growth.

Similarly, Brigadier Jaswinder Singh talked about signing similar MoUs with other Bhutanese businesses in the future. He said, “We are trying; sometimes, we had a fruitful interaction with the association of Bhutan industries, and we have identified certain more areas, such as the supply of steel, PBC pipes, and the aspect of waste management in the maintenance of roads, including the identification of brick industries for bricks.”

The use of recycled plastic in the maintenance of roads and safety reflectors is one.

Upon asking the Brigadier how soon the plan of segregating the aspect of waste management is going to happen in the resurfacing of the roads. He responded that Dantak is in conversation with the organizations that are using aspects of waste management in the construction of roads and their maintenance for their assistance.

He said, “This project could start within the next two to three months or before the monsoon. In any case, in this financial year of 2023, for sure.”

The Brigadier also highlighted a few of Dastak’s projects. Improving the living conditions of workers involved in infrastructure development in Bhutan, particularly in Dantak.

 “With His Majesty’s guidance, today’s basic living conditions for everyone should be good in terms of health, hygiene, and safety. So, we designed accommodations that will allow people to easily assemble and move it whenever and wherever they want,” he added.

BRO Project Dantak has been involved in the construction and maintenance of roads in Bhutan for over six decades. With the signing of the MoU, DCCL will supply cement to Project Dantak for the construction of roads in the country. This collaboration will reduce the dependence on importing of cement from India

Sales Head of DCCL expressed his gratitude towards Project Dantak and stated that the collaboration will provide a much-needed boost to the cement industry in Bhutan. He also highlighted that the partnership will help DCCL to expand its business and contribute to the era growth of the country.

Brigadier Jaswinder Singh expressed his appreciation for the support provided by DCCL and stated that the collaboration will help in the timely completion of road construction projects in Bhutan. He also emphasized the significance of promoting industries and sourcing materials from within the country.

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