DANTAK wants local industries to supply it materials

An Industry Outreach Program was conducted by Project Dantak at Phuntsholing, aimed at encouraging local industries of Bhutan to participate in the country’s development by supplying construction and other materials to Dantak. The conference was co-chaired by Brig Jaswinder Singh, Chief Engineer of Project Dantak and Dasho Ugen Tsechup, President of Association of Bhutanese Industries.

The main objective of this outreach program was to optimize the consumption of local products within Bhutan. By supplying materials to Project Dantak, local industries can play a vital role in the country’s development and help reduce the cost of construction.

A total of 22 representatives from various local industries participated in the conference, including Bhutan Duro Roof, Kenpa Pvt Ltd, JT Enterlocking & Paver Blocks, Eco-Tech Solutions, Penden Cement Authority Limited, Bhutan Ecolite Bricks, Lhaki Cement, Perfect Builders Store Limited, Perfect Enterprise/Perfect TMX TMT, Singye Mines and Minerals Export & T&K Construction Pvt. Ltd, Bhutan Concrete Bricks Pvt Ltd, Bhutan Bitumen Pvt, Briquette Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Neetshel Pvt Ltd, Yarab Pvt Ltd, Thangtong Iron & Steel, and Bhutan Soft Tissue.

During the conference, Brig Jaswinder Singh spoke about the importance of local industries in Bhutan’s development and emphasized the need for their active participation in supplying construction materials. He also highlighted the benefits of sourcing materials locally, including reduced transportation costs and the creation of job opportunities.

Ugen Tsechup, the President of Association of Bhutanese Industries, expressed his support for the initiative and stated that the association would work closely with Project Dantak to facilitate the growth of local industries and encourage their participation in the project.

A release said the the Industry Outreach Program conducted by Project Dantak at Phuntsholing was a successful initiative to encourage the growth of local industries in Bhutan and reduce the country’s dependency on external sources for construction materials. With the support of Project Dantak and the Association of Bhutanese Industries, local industries can play an active role in the country’s development and contribute to its economic growth.

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