Daylight robbery in Jaigaon

With the recent case on two Bhutanese being robbed during daytime by Indian nationals across the border, RBP is warning every Bhutanese to be alert and to refrain from talking to strangers.

The victims were robbed of a total of Nu 460,000, important documents, ATM cards and CID card. Both the incidents took place at a same time but in different places in Jaigaon.

Phuentsholing police, with a help of Jaigaon police, have identified three Indian people in connection to the robbery.

On July 8, Phuentsholing police received a complaint from a 65-year- old businessman stating that he lost his bag from his car which was parked in Mukerji Center’s parking area. According to the victim, an Indian man, who came out of nowhere, started talking to him and pointing out that there was bird dropping stains on his shirt.

The victim told the police that the Indian stranger might have thrown some itching powder on him when he took off his shirt. He kept his shirt inside the car where his bag with money was also kept. It was then that the Indian stranger showed him that he had dropped some currency notes from his pocket.

When the victim was picking up the notes, the suspect with his accomplice fled the scene taking away his bag which contained Nu 400,000, ID cards, ATM and documents.

From the other 30 year old victim, they robbed Nu 60,000 from Bahu Bazaar, Jaigaon.

Upon receiving the complaints from the victims, Phuentsholing police informed Jaigaon police accordingly.  The police were able to identify the three Indian men from Fatapukur, Irana Busty with the help of CCTV footage.

The three suspects are still at large. Police said that it is difficult for them to get to them because the three suspects are from a place nearby Siliguri. “If the suspects are from Jaigaon then it would be easy for us to get to the culprits. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to get to the culprit and soon we will arrest them,” police said.

In line with this kind of cases, RBP cautioned that every individual should be more responsible and alert.

The 30 year old victim said, “There were five people in total who did the same thing to my father and fled the scene with a bag consisting of Nu.60,000, mobile phone and some documents. They dropped the notes just behind the car stating that it is our money and by the time we went to see, they immediately ran with a bag”.

A source said that, they managed to get hold of two suspect on 14 July but others still remain at large.

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